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Words - your best friend or your worst enemy

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"Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." - Rumi

There are many times in our life when the words we say becomes a barrier to what we want to convey. It can help us bring close to someone or keep us farthest away from them. The importance of good words can never be underestimated. What you say to someone and how you deliver it matters how a person will take it. They help us in having healthy relationships and make us happy.

Some people love to speak a lot and dump whatever comes to their minds without considering its effects on others. Kind words have the power to heal and encourage others, whereas harsh and unkind words can do a lot of damage. Once you say something, it is impossible to retract them, so choose your words carefully.

If we have the maturity and understanding to communicate even the most upsetting news to someone without doing much damage to them, then we have succeeded as humans. Successful leaders are usually a delight to listen to and are generally good with words providing inspiration and positivity to others. Negative personalities, on the other hand, love to raise their words and do enough damage without caring about others. Words either written or said are powerful. Hence, whenever there are tensions between two nations, the first step is to start with diplomatic talks before escalating to war.

There was once a story about a group of frogs who were traveling through a forest. During this journey two of the frogs in the group fell inside a deep pit. The pit was deep and all the other frogs crowded around the pit to see how deep it was. They shouted to the two frogs that the pit was too deep for them to jump out and hence they will die if they try jumping out of it. They were discouraging the two frogs by saying how there was no scope for survival if they tried jumping out of the pit.

The two frogs ignored the crowd's sayings and tried to jump out of the pit. One of the frogs felt hopeless hearing what the others were saying, and he died while trying to jump out. The other frog jumped with all the force he could muster up and successfully jumped out of the pit alive. When he was outside, the other frogs asked him why he didn't care for what they were saying about not trying to jump out. He told them that he was deaf and could not hear them; he thought they were encouraging him to jump out of the pit.

This story tells us how important words can be. The frog who died believed in what the other frogs were saying, and the frog who jumped out could not hear them and believed they were encouraging. Words of encouragement can lift us even in the darkest of times and make us believe in ourselves, whereas toxic demeaning words can make even our worst fears come alive.

Steps on how to use words as a tool to induce positivity in your life and those around you:-

  • Always speak the truth and pause and think before you say it. Avoid going with the flow of emotions when hurt or resentful and saying things you regret later.

  • Respond instead of reacting. It takes a lot of courage and strength to avoid saying anything harsh when provoked. People with higher integrity always respond instead of reacting to conflicting situations.

  • Use words to spread love and not hate. It should encourage and uplift others.

  • Your words should convey gentleness and humility instead of being disrespectful and full of arrogance. Even when having disagreements, it is predominant to express the same using loving words instead of insulting or belittling the other person.

  • Use positive words when talking about yourself. As Dr. Joseph Murphy explains in his book “The power of your subconscious mind", how we talk about ourselves to others affects our subconscious mind and how we perceive ourselves. If we constantly self-criticize our every action, we nurture hopelessness and anxiety in us. Thus, breeding negativity in our life.

  • Be open when voicing your opinions as long as they do not negatively impact others.

  • Start your day with gratitude and say a million thanks for everything you have in your life.

  • Try to encourage and uplift others by complimenting them for their positives

Words can be used both as a weapon and as medicine. So be wise and choose your words carefully.

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Mar 05, 2022


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