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  • Divya Chandroth

Stop holding yourself back

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Are you one of those people who always feel that you do not have the life that you dreamed of? Do you constantly feel that others are getting ahead, whereas everything is stuck in your life? If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, what do you think is stopping you from reaching your potential? Is it bad luck, or is it you who is holding yourself back? What do you think?

When we always start ruminating on negative experiences and try to imbibe them into our lives, we often subconsciously try to protect ourselves from such negative situations, and this leads us to hold back our true selves. We fear the element of surprise, or going beyond what is known. We reject risk and try to only focus on being in the safe environment that we are used to. But does this allow us to grow? No, always being in the same familiar settings does not allow us to grow or unlock our true potential. It is only when we wander a bit and look beyond what we are used to, we can uncover how much we are willing to let go of our past beliefs and move ahead. Stop chasing your past, look ahead into the bright future. To look into a glass as half full or half empty is your choice.

Stop living in the illusion you want others to see you, embrace your true self. Be open to judgment, opposing views, and conflicting situations. Don’t belittle yourself thinking that you are less worthy or less knowledgeable than others. Be open to learning everything new, no one is a know it all even if they say so. You are valuable and only you can unlock your true self.

Start by seeing yourself in a different light. Avoid blaming others or the situation for bringing yourself down. Only you are the one who can make anything happen. You have the true potential to make any situation positive or negative depending on how you make of it.

When you drive a car and a tree falls in front of it, only you can decide whether you would like to remove it and go ahead, or just wait for someone else to come and remove it while you crib about it. Only you have to power to change your life. Only you have the power to grow how much you want to grow. Break free of the beliefs holding you back and enjoy how much you can achieve if you let go.

So, how are you going to move ahead? Are you always going to look back or look ahead and enjoy the surprises you see ahead? Give your best and stop holding yourself back. Only you have the power to change your life!

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