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Visualization – the key to a better life

Source: Wix

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” – Franklin Roosevelt

This famous quote by Roosevelt, former president of the United States of America, highlights the importance of believing in oneself. Visualization or mental imagery is a powerful method to increase self belief and confidence. What is visualization?

Visualization involves making a mental image of what you want to experience. The mental imagery you create should involve all senses. For example, if you would like to eat ice cream using visualization, then you can close your eyes and imagine being in an ice cream parlor and receiving the ice cream from the vendor in your hand. Now, imagine feeling the weight of the ice cream cone in your hand, seeing the beautiful color of the ice cream you wish for, and imagine the coldness you feel when you lick the tip of the ice cream. Imagine the taste and flavor of the ice cream in your mouth and the happiness you feel when you ingest it. Savour in the moment. Imagine eating it all in the parlor till it gets over. Once finished and you are satisfied, open your eyes, and now, how do you feel?

Happy? Yes?

This is the power of visualization.

It helps in improving mental health and well-being. The more senses we involve in visualization, the closer it feels to reality. It is a healing tool especially, when we are in a situation with little or no control, helping us feel in control. As per the studies done by neuroscientists, the thoughts we experience during visualization can bring on the same effects as that produced during actions.

Visualization helps us focus on what’s more important to us. It channelizes all our energy in achieving our goals.

Also, it is a good method for relaxation of mind and body. Many apps and youtube videos can help you relax using visualization. Regular practice of visualization helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels in this fast paced lifestyle and helps us channel out the unnecessary distractions in our life.


Creating visual boards are one way of visualization. Writing out ones goals and having a look in it before going to bed and during the day helps the process.

Waking up with a smile everyday, having faith in your purpose, making an active effort by working towards your goals, choosing to focus on things which matter most to you and letting go of things you do not need are some ways for you to get closer to your dreams.

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Mar 24

Best article :)


Mar 24

Excellent article.. really helpful for visualizing

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