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Negative emotions – step to positive life

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Its usually said that positive thoughts lead to a positive life. Yes, its good to always look on the sunny side in any situation, but is it always possible to only concentrate on the positives, not feel anything negative? If you are pushing out too many negative emotions without experiencing are you allowing yourself to live fully? The short answer to this question is – No!

There is nothing like good or bad emotions. All emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, grief, resentment, jealousy, fear, excitement and frustration help us to realize what life is all about. Without experiencing all emotions we wont feel content and fulfilled. It is not possible to feel happy all the time. When negative emotions strike us, it helps us be more alert about something. For example, anger and resentment can signal us about something that needs to be changed. Jealousy can motivate us to be better version than everyone. Sadness can make us realise that life is not only about going up, but also means going down. Only when we hit rock bottom do we overcome the fear of failure and move up again. Do not feel guilty or ashamed about feeling negative emotions. To experience all emotions is natural and healthy. Suppressing thoughts make you feel stifled, so acknowledge and express it. But be mindful about how you express negative emotions – do not let it create unnecessary havoc and stress in your life and to those around you.

How to cope with negative emotions is the key. It is not fun to experience negative emotions. It can make us feel bogged down and not let us do anything about it. So, how do you move ahead? When it is too distressing, try writing the thoughts in a journal or tell a good friend who is ready to listen to you. Look at ways how you can address the emotion. Try to find your closure to the problem. Always ask yourself three questions when you face negative feelings:

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

How do I transform this feeling into something positive?

Try to find answers to the above questions to move forward. Distressing thoughts can lead to stress. Do not let unmanaged anger or resentment destroy your relationships. If you are feeling very distressful thoughts like suicidal thoughts or unmanageable anger try consulting a therapist or doctor who can help you.

Managing emotions is the key. Do not let it change you or, let it be a way of life. Accept all emotions and learn from it. As said by Maya Angelou, “What you resist persists.”

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