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The art of decluttering

Source: Modern Living Room by Wix

What is clutter? Clutter is anything that is no longer needed and still piling up and taking up a large amount of space and creating an untidy environment. It creates unnecessary stress in your life and makes for an unhealthy lifestyle. People who declutter their environment regularly have less stress and have better health than others who don’t. While decluttering is good, creative people love to do everything in chaos.

Decluttering leads to a calm mental state and helps you stay focused. When we get rid of things that we don’t need, we can see everything more clearly and focus on what needs our attention. For example, if your study table has a lot of clutter and when you clean the table by putting only priority things on it, you can see things more clearly and focus on only what you need. When you only have to deal with a few things, you will feel less burdened. Your mental clarity will improve and, it will reduce stress.

Tips for decluttering

  • Stop hoarding. Buy only the most essential items you require.

  • Throw away things you don’t need.

  • Take things slow and declutter one space at a time instead of doing it all.

  • Why wait for a particular time of the year to declutter when you can do it all year round at intervals.

  • Labeling and storing things in a designated manner helps avoid the build-up of clutter

  • Declutter your mind by getting rid of unwanted thoughts

One main deterrent to decluttering is the thought that we might use things just in case. The idea is that we might need something in the far future. Try to rationalize this thought and avoid keeping back everything back with this idea. You have to be ruthless when decluttering. Haha! While decluttering your physical spaces is needed, it is equally necessary to declutter your mind. Try to keep unwanted ideas out of the bay, toxic thoughts, negative self-talk, and the past. Only when we declutter our mind can we enjoy the benefits of decluttering our physical environment. Thus, this Diwali, when you declutter your home be sure to declutter your mind as well. Invite positivity into your home and life.

Happy Diwali!

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Oct 31, 2021


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