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You are enough

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

What does it mean by being enough? Does it mean that you are the most self-sufficient individual who doesn't need anything or anyone to live? Or does it mean that you do not have any flaws and are a perfect person that needs no improvement? No, it doesn't mean any of these.

Source:- Photographed by Jay Castor from Unsplash

As quoted by Walt Whitman, a famous American poet and essayist, "I exist as I am, that is enough." Being enough means to be able to understand that you are not perfect and that you are content being who you are. It means self-accepting yourself for all your positives as well as negatives. To have a better understanding of yourself and know that your worth lies in being authentic.

Being enough enables us to have the realization that we are unique, therefore, shouldn't be compared to anyone. To understand that it is fine to make mistakes and learn from them. It means that you will not put yourself down with all the negative self-criticism and that of others. Also, being ever grateful for everything you have in your life.

Ideas on how to inculcate feelings of being enough :-

Practice self-love

Love your soul and body alike for its uniqueness. Your worthiness doesn't depend on the numbers in your weighing scale, the color of your skin, the salary figure you draw, the marks you obtain in your mark sheet or the material possessions you own. Learn to embrace yourself with all your goodness and flaws you have. Always remember that the qualities you have are the ones that set you apart from everyone else. You are enough.

Keep comparisons with others at bay

Don't ever make the mistake of comparing yourself with others. Similar to how we can't compare an apple with a watermelon, we can't compare people. Everyone's hardships and struggles are different and, hence, a comparison of yourself with anyone else is inapt.

Choose goals effectively

Always choose goals that will motivate you to work towards them instead of just slogging to finish them. The paths you choose should make you feel alive and happy, and make you a better person. Goals should not be selected so that you become more socially accepted or which will make you more likeable. It should only be selected based on your passion. The process leading to the goal should be enjoyed without any worries about the final outcome. This can only happen if you are passionate about your goals and thus, gives you a chance to chase excellence in everything you do.

Imperfection exists

One of the main reasons for being dissatisfied in life is the constant search for perfectness in everything we do. There always exists some imperfection in life, career, physique and in relationships. Imperfections add uniqueness to everything and the constant need for perfection in every aspect makes you unhappy, so, always be content in what you have.

Set yourself free from socially accepted norms

Your relationship status, the job you have and how large your social circle is, has nothing to do with your worth. There is nothing wrong with you if you are not married, are divorced, have or have not children. The salary you earn doesn't depend only on the hard work you do, or the number of friends you have doesn't prove that you are a good Samaritan. These things do not make you more or less worthy.

Be yourself

There will always be people who will dislike you and try to put you down at every chance they get. You don't need their approval to feel good about yourself. Those who care about you will always be there by your side. It is important to realize that your worth doesn't depend on the perception or acceptance of anyone other than yourself. You don't have to be somebody else, or, fulfill others idea about you to feel worthy and alive.

Life is all about learning from mistakes

Instead of feeling all bad whenever you fall back and make mistakes, remember that life is all about learning from mistakes. You are not an all-knowing, all-perfect person. You can make mistakes and learn from them. Also, be sure to seek help from others whenever you need assistance and try to learn to appreciate others around you instead of putting them down.

Always, remember that you don’t have to try to be someone else or compete with anyone other than yourself. You are unique, worthy and are enough being "you".

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