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A happy place to go to

Source: Dandelion Fields by Wix

There were two persons, Mr. A & Mr. X. They had to face similar challenges both in their personal and professional life. They both had the same level of competencies and shared the same kind of work exposure. Mr. A was a maladaptive perfectionist. He would finish his work on time but was a difficult person to deal with and would often snap on others around him. Mr. X would do things to the best of his abilities and was always in the best frame of mind. Everyone loved working with him. He was a wonderful person in his relationships too. Do you know what could be different between the two persons, Mr. A and Mr. X? It was a matter of practicing mindfulness. There can be no running away from the fact that everyone faces multiple challenges in the current time. These challenges can make one feel strained even when doing the most simple tasks. It can make you feel like a victim instead of making you feel like you are in charge of your every action. There are things beyond our control that make one feel stressed. It makes us lose our ability to relax and lets us believe that happiness is not at our arms reach. But, all can change if we make time in our daily life to visit our happy place. A happy place can be a physical place that you can visit. It can also be someplace mentally. It is a place that makes us forget about the daily pressures and rejuvenates our energy levels to brings happiness. It can help you to snap out of a bad mood. Below are some techniques and tricks to help you find your happy place:-

Visit your happy place It can be a garden, a vacation spot you liked, a library, beach, museum, art gallery, or any other physical location which you visited and made you feel relaxed and happy. It can help you get de-stressed.

Start your morning with some mindfulness Immediately after waking up in the mornings, resist your urge to check emails, social media pages, and news. Instead, make it a priority to give some time to yourself and practice meditation and mindfulness. Breathing exercises, meditation, prayers, and visual imagery/ visualization can help you to calm down to face the world with better mental clarity.

Visualize you in your happy place Sometimes, we yearn to go to a particular place. But due to a variety of reasons, it is impossible to go there in the present. So, instead of being sad about it, close your eyes and imagine going there. How can you do it? Just make some time in your schedule to do this. Go someplace quiet in your home, close your eyes and imagine being in the beautiful place you always wanted to go. Try to imagine walking there, visualizing the atmosphere in there, the sights, sounds, and smell. Visualization is a powerful technique for relaxation, and when done daily, it helps improve our frame of mind.

Make time to do things you love Make time to do the things you love. It can be reading a book, rereading your favorite book, watching your favorite movie or series again, watching some sports event that helps you relax and unwind. It can be done few times or at least once a week. Make time to exercise. Make time for relaxation Always prioritize to take some time off your busy schedule for relaxation. You might feel like you have a lot on your plate and that you don’t have any time to spare. The world will not crash if you stop for a few minutes. Instead, it will help you calm your mind and bring more clarity and focus in your every activity. Set reminders in your to-do list for you to go to your happy place, either physically or mentally. It can energize you and transform your daily life and bring more positivity and happiness to your relationships. You can imagine this as a way a mobile needs charging to function effectively.

Follow your passions Do not give up on yourself or your dreams. Dream big and always follow your passion. It can help you to find your inner self and live better. Do not equate more money with happiness or success.

Reach out to your friends who are like your happy place Sometimes, spending time with someone makes you happy. Just sitting with them conversing can elevate your mood. These are people with whom you can just sit around, do nothing, still being with them makes you feel at home. Do spend time with such persons, who makes you feel good about yourself and help you feel happy. Make it a priority to get in touch with your good friends with whom you have lost touch.

Thus, being in your happy place is a choice to make and is yours.

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