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  • Divya Chandroth

Why staying calm is one of the most important virtues you can master

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Source:- Sunset by Positive Vibes

Life, as we all know is a series of everchanging ups and downs. One moment it can seem like it is full of pleasantness and the next moment it can change into dreadfulness. Just like when riding a ferris wheel we go one moment up and in the next moment we are down, life is also full of uncertainties but we need to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. People usually think that persons who display calm disposition at all times never face problems in comparison to persons who are more chaotic in their approach. The truth is that, everyone faces good and bad times but it is the attitude towards life’s challenges that makes all the difference. In times of life changing crisis and like in the current times when the whole world is facing an evil pandemic there is nothing more important than having a calm attitude to face the challenges that come with it.

Having a calm outlook towards problems brings more clarity of mind which can make arriving at solutions easier. At times, it can feel like it is very difficult and almost impossible to stay calm when we are dealing with a crisis but we need to try our best to stay patient as there is no better approach than in keeping a clear mind. The best solution to every challenge can only be arrived at by thinking logically and this can only happen if you are at peace. It is often seen that when faced with problems instead of cribbing over the situation and disrupting the peace of mind of everyone involved by unnecessary arguments, solutions can only be arrived at by logical discussion with a calm frame of mind. Maintaining such a calm attitude in such times can make you focused and aware of all options at all times. It helps in developing your personality as being calm will bring positivity to you and everyone around you. People always prefer to be around a peaceful calm person rather than a person who is very volatile and dispels negativity when faced with problems. Positive attitude always helps you and others by providing motivation even when times are bad. This helps you in being a good team player and ensures successful oppurtunities come your way. Keeping calm is a vital component to invite optimism in your life’s outlook and ensures the elimination of negative self talk which can otherwise hinder success.

Tips on how to invite calm and reduce everyday stress and anxiety from your life:-

  • Practice atleast one or two calming techniques like deep breathing, meditation, prayers and yoga daily.

  • Use visualization or guided imagery for a minimum 10 to 15 minutes daily to clear your mind of the present environment and imagine yourself in the environment of your liking.

  • Make exercise a daily routine.

  • Learn to love yourself before loving others.

  • Take good care of your health by eating healthy foods and avoiding junk foods.

  • Always make time to do the things you enjoy.

  • Avoid self doubting youself.

  • When faced with challenges try to talk about it with your support system (people who actually care about you and want to see the best for you always)

  • Declutter from your mind and life things which are of no use.

  • Be grateful for the blessings in your life.

  • Try to take e-breaks and disconnect from social media and electronics for few hours daily or for few days every month.

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

  • Try to sleep for minimum 8 hours daily.

  • Have a positive outlook towards every situation.

  • Avoid stress and unnecessary worry by being prepared for the worst outcome to every situation.

  • Letting go and understanding that you have no control over any circumstance but that you can control your reaction to everything.

  • In case you find anxiety very persistent and uncontrollable to such an extend that it disrups your daily activities it is very essential to seek professional help.

Everyday stress is part and parcel of life but learning how to stay calm when faced with challenges is an important skill that one can master. This can improve your quality of life and keep stress and ill health at bay.

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