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In Pursuit of Happiness

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

When we look at the world around us, we see people following their ambitions and dreams to live a life they desire. If we stop by and ask them the purpose for doing this they will retort back saying that they want happiness in life. So, this brings us to the most important question, “ what is happiness and why is everyone running for it?.” Is it the most important aspiration of human life? As quoted by the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

The Oxford English dictionary defines happiness as the quality or condition of being happy. It is the state of well being and contentment that varies from one person to another. Happiness as defined for one person may not hold true for another person. While most people think that being successful will bring happiness to them but is happiness really related to success? Success can be measured in terms of achievements but happiness is not guaranteed to those who are successful as happiness depends more on the mindset of a person than on his achievements. It depends on how one is able to find joy in the most simple things in life and not only in the big moments that bring contentment.

Source:- Smiley by Positive Vibes

The need to be happy arises from the fact that most happy people who find joy in simple things have better health, better relationships and better productivity in comparison to those with pessimistic outlook towards life. Life is unpredictable and it can change any moment. So, we need to find happiness in every single moment we breathe instead of waiting for the next big thing to happen. Also, like the ripple effect in water the happiness radiating from one person transfers to those around them and so on . So, keep up with the optimism, smile more and bring joy to those around you and in you. Your happiness is the main reason of contentment for those who love you and like being with you. Be happy and spread it all around you. The mere simple fact that one is alive and is able to breathe is reason enough to be happy.

Some tips and tricks to find happiness:-

  • Live in the moment. Appreciate all the little things in life.

  • Smile often. It makes you happy unknowingly.

  • Holding onto anger and grudges is like holding on to poison so learn to forgive others.

  • Dont be swayed by the opinion of other people, be yourself and stay true to your values and ideals.

  • Try to find goodness in everything that happens. Make optimism a priority.

  • Find time to follow your passions and do things which make you happy.

  • Be with people who make you smile instead of those who put you down and make you self-doubt.

  • Be open to change and try to be the best version of yourself with each passsing day.

  • Help others but not at the cost of sacrificing your own happiness and self worth.

  • Be grateful and express gratitude for every little things.

  • Dont rely on other people and relationships to make you happy. Happiness only depends on you and your mindset.

  • Always take care of your health.

  • Be happy in others happiness, dont be envious of others successes and dont make the mistake of comparing yourself to others. You are unique.

  • Keep idleness at bay and be busy working on improving yourself.

  • Be open to inspiration and join those organisations that focus on your areas of interest. Always make time to exercise daily as exercise helps in the release of feel good endorphins that helps in elevating our moods. Make rest and relaxation an important part of your everyday life instead of procrastinating it till holidays/ vacations.

Finally, its very important to realise that true happiness doesnt need fulfillment of our materialistic desires nor does it need the help of others around us. It mainly depends on ourselves and we can find happiness only if we add optimism in our life by enjoying every little moment we breathe.

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