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Disconnect to reconnect

Source:- Playing guitar by Wix

It is said, to connect with yourself and with your loved ones, you need to disconnect from technology and make time in the real world. A digital detox seems like a good way to go about it. In the pre-Covid times, disconnecting by digital detox seemed possible. In the present day, it is far too a stretch as everything we do is connected to technology - be it our work, education, relationships, and even our leisure activities like shopping. Also, we can't even imagine how we could survive in the current times without technology. It is a savior and the biggest boon to our society. But when is it too much? When do we have to put reins on our behavior? Usually, when our day starts and ends with looking at our screens with no time to ourselves, it should sense our inner alarm that we are beginning to lose ourselves completely.

One of the main reasons to stay glued to gadgets is the fear of missing out. The constant notifications from our social media apps, emails, the news keeps one satiated. And we start our day by looking at them and go to bed with them. The constant need to share our status – whether the need to show off our culinary skills, the food we ate today, the song we listened to, or the way we feel. Not everyone needs to know all this about us or is interested in what we ate/did. LOL! Take some time out and think about it. Do we need to waste our precious time and share all this when we can do all this without bothering to put up a social media shout-out? We can do the same things and live the moment. Sharing such stuff sometimes is okay. But, if we feel the need to constantly put a social media post for whatever we do daily, it will sap all our energy and time, instead of focusing on more important stuff like learning something new or being creative. If there is a constant addiction to check our screens every now and then, reshare and forward every news item or video, please pause and rethink. Are you not giving a lot of your time to doing this instead of living fully? Also, playing online games is all right if done within a particular time frame, but if it starts to consume all your leisure hours, it is not healthy.

It is not possible to disconnect entirely from our gadgets, but we can take some steps to reduce our screen time and not spend our entire time online.

  • Set boundaries by utilizing quality time online rather than long quantitative hours. You do not need to watch every video or read every article you come across. Only spend time on what needs your attention.

  • Set specific times to do every task, be it viewing contents on social media or reading emails. Notifications need not be on at all times.

  • Uninstall time-consuming apps and declutter your gadgets with things non-essential.

  • Make it a priority to find some me-time doing things you love

  • Find time to explore your creativity and pursue hobbies gadget-free.

  • Set specific times to make calls to your friends and loved ones.

  • Do not ignore the people you live with and make family time a priority. Make eye contact while talking instead of texting while talking. Value the time you spend with them.

  • Do exercise daily

  • Relaxation by prayers/ meditation/ yoga is a must to do

  • Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones

  • Even if you cannot go to any exotic locations, make time to look out from your window and enjoy nature whenever you get some leisure time, water the plants, and enjoy the nature around.

  • Take a break from technology whenever you can.

Thus, even though you cant remain gadget-free at all times, you can find time to disconnect and reconnect with yourself.

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Jul 18, 2021

Excellent topic👌👌👌

Divya Chandroth
Divya Chandroth
Apr 06, 2023
Replying to

Thank you :)


Jul 17, 2021

Very important in today's lifestyle

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